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English / German


Problems I can help with

Translation EN > DE

I translate your game into German. For bigger projects I can even set up a whole team. And I can prepare your texts for the localization process creating style guides, defining core terminology, and preparing your files to protect code and work properly with professional translation software.

Localization Consulting

This is the first time you need to localize a game? You did it before but the road was bumpy and annoying, and you wonder if it could work better? Let's talk. Together we will figure out what you really need and what works best for you.

Linguistic QA

You are unsure about the quality and accuracy of existing translations? You want to make sure your German text creates the atmosphere your players need for a fully immersive gaming experience? You need to decide which new translators should join your team? I can help.

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Vadim P., Project Manager

You are really good at your job! I can't help but admire your conscientiousness and determination to get things done properly. Absolutely fascinating!

Christiane Hesse

Creative And Articulate Translator
Experienced And Reliable Project Manager
Forward-thinking Perfectionist

I am Christiane.

I was a writer long before I became a translator. And I always was a gamer – from pen-and-paper AD&D to  FF XIV and Ark Survival Evolved. 

Being a writer first means your game texts will read and sound as fluently and as native as if they’d been German from the start.

 Your game will be culturally adapted by a native German speaker based in Germany with over 27 years of experience, and an M.A. in German Studies and History.

I love challenging tasks, figuring out meta languages, and setting up the processes which work best for you. 

Make your game German and grow your community

An estimated 54% of all Germans are playing videogames. That's 45 million people. But according to the EF English Proficiency Index (EPI) Germany only ranks #14 worldwide in understanding and speaking English.